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    Assam 3000

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Take the pheromonal allure of Borneo 3000 and double it. Infuse it with the meditative power of the highest calibre Indian agarwood and you’ve got oud that plays with your senses like no other oud. It’s not easy for me to say this, but this might well be the most addictive oil in our archives – even more so than most Cambodis. The olfactory pull is strong. Its psychoactive effects real. You can feel the scent, just as strong oolong tickles your nerves or sipping too much betel juice makes you stare at the wall until someone tugs you out of your daze. 

    The sillage is great and unobtrusive. Just beware of perfume junkies on the floor – the magic will attract them from across the room and they won’t leave you alone until they know which boutique you just came from. THIS is the Western oud scent true agarheads have been dying to try – the one Christian and Yves wished they could use as their key ingredient.​

    If you do think you pick up a trace of barn, that’s not barn. For as long as anyone can remember, barnyard always = Hindi, so anything Hindi evokes that pastural oomph it’s renowned for.  But what you smell here is the echo of that agallochaean heart you could never really penetrate fully, hidden beneath weeks and months of crude soaking. You’re not smelling a faint hint of barn – there IS no barn. You’re smelling 100% wild-harvested Assam oud, stripped of the soak and the bare hands, dressed in retro garb that’s totally avant garde.​

    Assam 3000 is all tea leaves and spices, flowers and a dash of citrus. Honeybush infused with Bulgarian rose. Especially during the opening. Raspberry jam oozing in the background. The faintest cinnamon spiciness, gently steeped rooibos (tell me that's not wild rooibos twigs you're smelling!) and champaca. That’s what make this oil so incredible, it’s a beauty and one beast of a scent bank. Your nose will be free diving deep into a fragrant floral wonder that can be anything but Oud al Hindi.​

    I’ve been asked why I haven’t launched an Indian oil in a while. The answer is simple: With a mighty oil like Assam 3000 available, why would I?​

    If I could sell Assam Black again today, there’s no way I’m letting it go for less than $550. And yes, that’s a cultivated oil. So, how’s this for Making Oud Cheap Again?… Wild…… not planted by men and left to grow…… WILD as in decades old, need a machete in the jungle to get it, Assam Oud. The kind of profile any true Assam addict can sniff out a mile away. The kind that’s selling here for a very short #I’m gonna keep making this statement time only, at a stupid price. ​

    PS: Did I mention it’s been aged 5 years?

    The Assam 3000 I just recieved… as the sun rises above the horizon, and the dew lifts, rose blossming to meet the new day’s light, dripping in golden honey, creating the finest fruitest cup of roobios that has ever been… – Jameson, USA

    Today I was blessed again by trying another beautiful marvelous oud by Sidi Ensar. The Assam 3000. I don’t think a person who doesn’t know much about oud can tell this is an Indian oud. That too from Assam. The opening is of some beautiful spices which I can detect, namely: green cardamon, black cardamon, whole black pepper, allspice, nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, and star anise. The flowery aroma which emanates reminds me of a beautiful flower which is called cestrum nocturnum (raat ki rani). To top it off is where the beautiful Indian notes come from, I would say using some of the finest Assam wood available. My favorite Hindi is the Assam Kinam but the 3000 is way on top of the list also. Beautiful creation by Ensar. Thank you again for allowing my nose to smell this beauty! – Shaykh Abdul Wahab, USA

    I can’t believe it’s an Assamese distillation. Really lovely floral notes. – Stefan, Canada

    Assam 3000 is most definitely the more sensual of all the oils I have sampled. It seems to keep changing profiles but it has this constant ghee or buttery foundation to it. – George, USA

    What I find so amazing about this oil is from smelling it from the dipstick and from the first five minutes of application the smell of fine tobacco is prevalent. You could argue that you’re smelling German chamomile, but I choose to say tobacco. Or as this native gentleman I was talking to a couple summers ago who busted open a metal tin with some pre-rolled cigarettes of high grade tobacco and right when he popped open the tin I got the smell of what I would come to enjoy as Assam 3000. He saw my nose inhale deep from the wafting vapors of the can and I quote he said, ‘Yeah, that’s that real deal sh-t.’ – John, USA

    This one is a Kiss on my cheek from a 50s blonde pin-up dressed in red, with red lipstick! – Farid, France

    Assam 3000 is to me like taking a classically barn Hindi into its deeper drydown where the barn has dissipated and starting all over at that point. The top is barn free but IMO the Hindi DNA is there, a little fruity in the middle but minimally – moreso a fruit-tinged, sweetish hay. In its deeper drydown it gets the butteriness that I get in some sandalwood oils. – Lance, USA

    A non-barny cherry, incensey Hindi, with pats of butter. – Jen, USA

    It’s a pretty one indeed! I detected rose, berries, sweet beeswax, and spicy bubble gum. – Farid, France

    Extremely gloopy, hard to get this out of the bottle at all most of it congealed at the top seal of the vial. After scooping a drop out on my wrist the immediate hit was of hay and black pepper and a trace of some other spice. Now it opens up and I am smelling honey now, honey made from a field of lush tropical flowers, all laden with sweet, sweet pollen. It’s like a syrup that I would happily poach quince in to serve to royalty. That happened in just under 10 minutes. Strange because I was expecting some barnyard with the name.

    Half an hour later I can now detect the oudy core of it, but it’s wrapped deeply in spicy fruits, some flowers and a note of delicious sharpness that I can’t even begin to put my finger on. Hay and black pepper still lingers on around that, though. This is not at all what I expected of an Oud, it’s rather like an entire blended perfume. An hour later the overall character is of heavily spiced fruit.

    Three hours later and it’s now mostly black pepper, some Oud and less so lingering sweet spice. End of evaluation for this one. At this point I ‘cheated’ and looked at the product page. It reacted differently on my skin than most users reported. I seem to have gotten more than my fair share of the spicy notes and less fruity ones which is not unexpected – my skin does react differently to most peoples in that most fragrances last only a few hours on me or express very different character than others. – Robert, USA

    I just cracked open the vial to get a sniff, and it is true, there is no barn in this Assam. I got a little on my finger and my oh my it smells so sweet, I can’t wait to apply this more fully and surround myself with this scent. – Keith, USA

    An iron, zero barn Hindi fist inside a velvet, creamy vanillic Borneo glove. – Lance, USA

    Assam 3000 is out of this world. I’m not even close to understanding this one yet. The top notes bounce around back and forth with the bottom notes in the most playful way.  I’ve caught myself confused a couple times smelling this one because the wafts I get up to face emanating from my wrist smell like sweet cotton candy, bubble-gum, really good. I then bring my nose to my wrist and it smells like dark leather, figs, plums. Crazy good. – Matt, Canada

    A Hindi without the usual Barnyard? I am intrigued by this one, let the experience of Assam 3000 begin! First swipe, my impressions were that this is a very gentle oud. And Hindi? This is not like any barnyard Hindi Oud I have experienced so far. I cannot detect any Barn in this. Very gentle pale honey, Creamy Vanilla, white blossoms, the slightest hint of spice & raspberry (raspberry cheesecake enters my mind – my wife thinks more zesty, like key lime pie!) & a glimpse of sweet hay. This is a beautiful well orchestrated oud. This has left me a little perplexed... should a Hindi Oud smell like a Borneo? – Jim, UK

    Assam 3000 smells amazing, I can already tell it’s going to be one of my favourites. I thought it’d be hard to beat my love for Oud Yusuf but I have a feeling this may just become my number one. – Shoayb, UK

    Initially after swiping this oil it starts off hot and spicy with a bit of a funky note that I can’t place my finger on. These notes linger for about 5 minutes before vanishing completely. It’s almost as if the oil wants you to know it’s a Hindi before it morphs into this thick honey-floral infused sweetness. The floral notes are so delicate and ethereal, while the honey note is deep and ambrosial. These two notes bind together into an enchanting aroma that is very gratifying. But hiding in the background teasing you is the delectable scent of gently heated agarwood. As the oil dries down a resinated woodiness blends itself beautifully with the floral infused honey notes, making it hard not to constantly smell the area this oil was applied to. After about 8 hours the oil takes on for lack of a better word an ‘oudiness’. The aroma will make any oud aficionado’s heart gush with gratitude. Aromatic fatigue is not in this oil’s dictionary, as I find myself inhaling this fragrance very deeply with no burnout whatsoever!

    Assam 3000 reminds me of Muana LTD in its ability to induce a meditative-like trance on my psyche. I enjoy applying this oud after a long day. Anything bothering me just melts into olfactory bliss. I love to put a swipe on about an hour before I do yoga to really put me into that meditative mindset.

    Assam 3000 is a very quality oil for the price. I can tell it was crafted with an artist’s passion and love. Absolutely no barnyard or any off notes to speak of, friendly enough for the Western nose. A swipe on my wrist usually lasts 12+ hours. A worthy addition to any oud lover’s collection! – Chris, SD

    Neatly striding the dividing line between Forest and Farm, this divine Oud makes me feel I’ve come home. Bright delicious berries served with almond praline. Smooth, nutty, rich and warm. The number of facets: 3000. This evolver elicits new emotions each time I try it. – Robert, CA

    The description on the Ensar site is right. I couldn’t detect any of the barnyard notes that typically get associated with Hindi ouds. The predominant note is oudiness itself (slightly dark) and not the floral notes. I keep the vial on my work desk. I apply a tiny bit on the arm and sniff frequently. It has that soothing power to relax your senses. As I type this, the smell on my arm has transformed into a slightly incensey / woody one. Overall, I like this oud. – Prince, CA

    Very unique and complex oil. Starts off with a whiff of barnyard, which is not off-putting. Within minutes the smell transforms to a combination of burned high grade agarwood and citrus, which is really awesome by the way. During the dry-down you can clearly notice sweet and ethereal floral and honey notes with a little bit of cinnamon. It also has great sillage and longevity. I took a shower and after half an hour the smell was still clear on the back of my hand. All Oud aficionados, trust me this is a must have in your collection! – Abdul Aziz, Kuwait

    Upon first sniff the gentle waft of fruits almost got me thinking this is some sort of Thai oud. Not what one expects when opening a vial labelled Assam 3000, expecting 3000 brake horse power of barnyard. There is zero barnyard, no animals were involved in this production. In fact this doesn’t even make you think about animals.

    Longevity is good. Projection is good. My wife walked into the room and from about 5 metres away smelled it. I hadn’t put a huge amount on. The drydown is surprisingly citrusy.

    In between the beginning and the end there is a variety of notes including hay and floral elements. There is also a phase consisting of a certain heavy, almost primordial type of note that reminded me that this has the DNA of a Hindi Oud.

    There have been Ouds of this nature before; Hindis with no barnyard note, but this is the subtlest and cleanest I have smelt. Subtle in terms of not being an overpowering Oud, almost caressing, not in the sense of being weak. It is literally as if all the rough and rogue elements of ‘traditional’ Hindi oud have been extracted leaving a refined scent profile.

    Oud addicts will be familiar with the notes but what is unique is the combination and the way they entwine. A very good example of this type of Oud. – Zartash, UK

    Penso che Assam 3000 è un oud dalla fragranza meravigliosa, con duplice aspetto. Infatti, nonostante faccia parte della famiglia degli Oud indiani la sua piramide olfattiva si discosta molto da quella tipica animale e stallatica. In apertura esso scatena tutto il suo dolce potere ipnotico per conquistarti, ma quando ti ha catturato tira fuori un pò del carattere tipico della sua famiglia di appartenenza ma in modo molto più morbido e sofisticato.Le sue note di testa sono lisce e lucide ed ultraterrene e ti trasportano in un giardino dell'Eden, con sentori di miele e cera d'api, confettura di albicocche e fiori bianchi, ma non lasciarti ingannare, perché dopo averti conquistato la fragranza si scurisce lentamente diventando cupa e fumosa. Infatti, lo scenario cambia improvvisamente e dal giardino paradisiaco ti ritrovi in una foresta nera con sentori di fieno, legni scuri,un pò di incenso, spezie forse cannella e qualche nota animalica. Devo affermare che queste note si fondono tutte insieme in maniera eccellente e con grande maestria. Il profumo è molto intenso, complesso e persistente, in effetti posso sentire la sua presenza sul mio braccio anche il giorno seguente. Gli Ensar Oud sono unici ed ognuno con caratteristiche diverse, come solo un grande artista sa fare. – Vincenzo, Italy

    Was debating between getting this or Assam Organic, because I actually love barnyard and had sampled the Organic before and like it a lot. But the 3000 is so much deeper and beautiful. Still has a hint of barn, but is smooth, smooth, smooth. I will wear this when I want to wear and oud and relax. Really nice. – Adam, USA

    The bouquet is just something else... the most meditative... and helpful for Zikr I find.... The scent is from another plane. All that come to my mind is Zuhud and Tassawuf. – GL, UK

    I have had a chance to wear the Assam 3000 a few times now. Wow! It really is an excellent scent. I’m very glad to have it in my collection. – Rick, USA

    He’s an eagle flying over the deep forest.
    He is connected to the trees.
    It’s not easy to get to know him. – Ondrej, Czech Republic

    Extremely addictive. It has a spicy fruity sweetness that is well refined, well blended together, nothing is overpowering one another. Each time I take a sniff, I get a sense of airiness and spaciousness that relaxes my mind. To me, this is a heavenly scent. – Razak, Malaysia

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