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    Rare, Artisanal Vietnamese Oud Oil.

    Jungle: Vietnam/China border
    Distilled: 2019
    The scent is clean (like when you smell a rose or jasmine petals), yet its ethereal aura packs a ton of flavor—in fact, smell these beautiful floral tones riding the blue kinam cherry orange luban fusion and stand amazed at... explore ››


    Jungle: Vietnam
    Aged: 7 Years (2014)
    I know of only two recent attempts at distilling Vietnamese oud. Both batches commanded $1,500 - $2,000 / 3 gr, and both yields were minuscule (I don’t need to tell you that wild incense-grade Vietnamese agarwood is rare and expensive)... explore ››


    Jungle: Vietnam
    Aged: 11 Years (2010)
    I’m not gonna go into the distillation details. Suffice to say you can’t just throw a bag of sinking Nha Trang agarwood into the boiler like that. As far as I’m concerned there’s only one way to distill such nose-numbingly good... explore ››


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