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    Sri Lanka

    The rarest artisanal Sri Lankan oud oils and oud chips in the world. 

    Jungle: Sri Lanka | Trat | New Guinea
    Aroha Kyaku is a $2,500 smell we use as a PR statement. Even with that, People’s Silani is hands-down the cheapest oud I’ve ever released. So much so that it’s double, even triple the bargain Czar Ceylon was, for... explore ››


    There aren’t many old Sri Lankan ouds around. If you own a bottle of Sri Lankan oud (and still have some left!), you’d smell hints of what aging does to the fragrance. Freshly collected, the Sri Lankan profile can be quite erratic. Sharp... explore ››


    You’ve seen it. I’ve pulled Sri Lankan oils from the site in a frenzy overnight. That, while Far East distillers themselves beg me for any of them. And this must be the rarest of them all. Just the raw materials alone used to distill Maroke Ceylon have... explore ››


    Jungle: Sri Lanka
    Distilled: 2012
    Kyara Ketone is Corona’s silver lining. I honestly had no intention to make this public yet. It’s been locked up for a decade and I have no qualms keeping it so. After all, it’s the only Sri Lankan Oriscent there is and ever will be... explore ››


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