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    The finest rose extracts from around the world—

    And the same ones that go into an EO Parfum. 

    Origin: Anatolia
    Rich and exceptionally deep—red, this Turkish rose is elegantly diffusive with a subtle honey sweetness penetrating the red petal aroma, with this vintage vibe that imbues the fragrance with an intrinsic old-world feel that’s so different from... explore ››


    Origin: France
    Thick, rich and sensual, perhaps the most erotic of rose fragrances, French centifolia gives you this orange-flower-like sweetness with a brighter but still beautifully red profile compared to rosa damascena. To capture rose’s more... explore ››


    Origin: KSA
    With oud, age imparts a vintage veneer over the fragrance which you can’t manufacture for love or money. Smell Royal Ta’ifi and there’s a golden layer, a lubani sweetness that makes you think the petals were marinated in... explore ››


    Quality rose harvests are notoriously limited, extraction costs are high, while all the besotted rose-lovers and leading perfumers stand in line calling first dibs on the finest harvests. And at the front of the line was Sultan Qaboos, who made... explore ››


    Everyone who has smelled either of them over the years has born testimony to their quality and their almost unanimous superiority in the world of oud and rose. You know how much each of those has sold for, and continues to sell for—so you... explore ››


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