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    Discover a whole new world of olfactory wonder. The rarest aromatics in the world, infused with artisanal oud oil.

    This is niche perfumery taken to a very different level.

    Perfume doesn’t excite us anymore. It hasn’t for decades. Donning a perfume means little more than brushing your teeth, as you go psss-psss and walk through the mist once your tie is tied. A pheromonal spritz that lets... explore ››


    Inspired by imposed isolation, Notes From Underground got composed to satisfy the perfumer’s own crave. I spared no expense in using the choicest ingredients, despite key ones costing at least double what they did only a... explore ››


    Not only is this among the highest quality oud fragrances that has ever been produced in spray-format, the entire composition is infused into a high-concentration, genuine raw ambergris tincture instead of just plain... explore ››


    Oud Parfum
    This oud parfum is my humble rendition of those timeless fragrances so pheromonal you feel that sultry musc a la musc carnal lick-your-lips primacy, just as you felt it for the first time at your sweet sixteen. When you felt it again, but... explore ››


    Homeros gives you front row seats to a landmark moment in perfume history. First editions are one thing. Vintage legends are another. Folks who collect early Guerlains often do so as much out of a longing for a... explore ››


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