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    Oud Wood

    Wild agarwood offers the sublimest incense experience.

    Harvested from the final frontiers of wild agarwood, these chips are soon to be a thing of the past.

    Premium Filipino Agarwood
    The reason oud dealers are able to play the doppelganger games is because the Filipino profile is wonderfully diverse. Some areas mimic the Borneo aroma, others Indo-China, notably Vietnam and Cambodia (the latter also... explore ››


    Chiem Po Chai is easily comparable to most kinam incenses I’ve smelled, both in terms of quality and clarity. Even burning raw oud chips gives you the same pristine wafts of pure oud—minus the heater or... explore ››


    Rare High-Mountain Agarwood
    I know some folks prefer smaller, thinner oud chips to larger ones. Of course, with less resinated pieces, smaller oud chips can actually be worse because the heat punctures the entire chip immediately straight through. So, unless... explore ››


    Sinking-Grade Filipino Oud
    Filipino agarwood doesn’t smell alike at all. Many investors have lost big money on massive, ink-black bicep chunks only to heat a piece and…… nothing. It became a huge issue for buyers and sellers. Until they struck diamonds, and... explore ››


    Perfumers are going to rejoice, and the entire oud-loving world will mark this as a definitive turning point in our understanding of the true nature of agarwood. Let’s face it, to date, all we’ve talked about when... explore ››


    Dark brown maybe. Ink-stained looking stripes okay. But black black black always better.... explore ››


    Sinking Philippines Agarwood
    If you have any Filipino oud chips, I’m sure you know that now is not the time to sell any. Now’s the time to keep them. Just as you’d expect, we’ve seen oud prices skyrocket across the Philippines within the past two... explore ››


    Legend has it that the whole “Brunei Kinam” story is a marketing ploy invented by the Chinese when they ran out of Vietnamese Kyara. To me, it makes little difference who invented the story. I can spend the rest of my days heating Brunei Kinam... explore ››


    Kinam is hyped up so much because few know what they’re talking about. For those who deal in kinam, collect kinam, or routinely indulge in kinam, there is no confusion. Kinam is hard to find if you don’t know where... explore ››


    While many are under the impression that they’ve smelled kinam, many oud lovers might smell kinam once in their lives. Or never. Kinam is the Red Sulphur of all things fragrant. The Holy Grail of olfaction. It’s the... explore ››


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