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    For many, Oud began with Oriscent. And for many, it ended there.
    These oils take you back to the Oriscent days, with never before released jewels that continue the tradition of the famed legends.

    Jungle: Cambodia
    Distilled: 2018
    Cambodian oud is legit and venerated for good reason. Years of our lives, buckets full of sweat, countless Camry trips along the broken road to Koh Kong, and boat trips across the border have tattooed Cambodi on our backs. You, too... explore ››


    Jungle: Philippines
    Aged: 11 Years (2009)
    Almost all Filipino ouds are of the modern, more playful Tawi variety, and folks wonder if that’s a good representation of the Philippines profile. Like those who started searching for raw Koh Kong after trying Trat ouds, people... explore ››


    Jungle: Hainan
    Aged: 3 Years (2018)
    I’ve distilled my share of oil, and from all of them I’ve smelled, I haven’t come across a scent that so truly, so exactly captures the scent of the distillery itself. More than the juicy air around the pots, it’s the scent of grinding fine wood. If you’ve... explore ››


    The scent of kinam leaves anyone at a loss for words. That’s why even the most meticulous descriptions (antique and modern) are useless if you’ve never actually smelled true kyara. And once you have… descriptions mean as... explore ››


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