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    Precious florals.

    More than enhancing your oud, this gives you access to the world’s most precious floral extracts, sandalwood distillations, medicinal frankincense, and more—to enjoy on their own terms. And these are the most... explore ››


    You might have heard how earlier generations carried dried musk pods in their pocket – as their perfume. It might sound strange, but the scent of old, dried musk pods can be wonderfully sweet and fragrant, with potent projection. With... explore ››


    The term got hijacked. Musc turned industrial and emerged as the modern-day MSG of synthetic perfumery. That’s how we ended up with black muscs, white muscs, purple muscs, and thousands of perfumes built on a ... explore ››


    Aged: 8 Years (2013)
    I won’t blame you for thinking you’re smelling a musk tincture. Or an ambergris concoction. The fragrance is so ALIVE it sends any other scent you’ve got on you to the back seat. For sandalwood oil, that’s an impossibility! Yet that’s exactly what... explore ››


    They may be called beard oils, but you don't actually need a beard to enjoy these blends. The smooth, nourishing aromatics work just as well as a moisturizing aftershave, facial lotion, while each blend adds a fragrant suave to any hairstyle.... explore ››


    Artisanal Sandalwood Oil
    I’m in two minds about this. Should it even be used for an attar, or as an ingredient in a perfume? It feels almost wasteful to not enjoy such a precious olfactory gem on its own. But — what it wouldn’t do for your perfume; how it’ll... explore ››


    The fact that you’re reading this means you and I both crave a certain caliber fragrance; that we hold our perfumes to a certain standard. That’s why I’m sharing this story. To show how highly I regard both Santal Royale and why I believe... explore ››


    The way vetiver interacts with testosterone and estrogen explains how it helps relaxation, sex drive, and even menstrual cramps. How it’s both a cicatrisant and anti-septic explains why it helps repair... explore ››


    Many will prefer to stay in La-la land to enjoy a spray of laundry detergent, posing as perfume. But if you’re ready to experience the real material, your olfactory journey will become so much richer. Your senses will become honed and... explore ››


    Medicinal B. Sacra Oil
    Using this in perfumery would be irresponsible and it is reserved only for aromatherapy and healing purposes. I drink drops of it in cold water personally, to clean the mouth and digestive tract and benefit from its... explore ››


    Frankincense, when chewed, turns soft and sticky, like bubble gum, and gives off its orange-lime taste throughout, all while you reap its health benefits. The sheer plethora of healing and psychoactive effects packed into... explore ››


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