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    EO Parfum

    Discover a whole new world of olfactory wonder. The rarest aromatics in the world, infused with artisanal oud oil.

    This is niche perfumery taken to a very different level.

    Even though you’ve got the rarest and most precious musk on Earth in here, this is not a musk perfume. The musk is used as an enhancing fixative instead of showcasing its inherent aroma. Likewise, the carrier is loaded with the... explore ››


    Not only is this among the highest quality oud fragrances that has ever been produced in spray-format, the entire composition is infused into a high-concentration, genuine raw ambergris tincture instead of just plain... explore ››


    The thirty-year-old Timor joining the Sultan’s line-up may well be the youngest of the crew. With such a varied palette of sandalwood chords, I toyed with the idea of creating a simple soliflore to showcase the raw aroma—and it would have been ... explore ››


    This is perfumery of another order, and it has nothing to do with the perfumer. The sultan’s vision to acquire the world’s most delectable ouds, flowers and spices and unite them in what would become a royal artifact—embroidered by... explore ››


    The Abassids could never have done this. The Umayyads couldn’t have dreamed about it. Sultan Qaboos’ predecessors may have speculated it, but it wasn’t until now that the creamy chocolaty earthiness exuded by the aged musk of... explore ››


    Who can't but fall in love with the beauty of jasmine, be entranced by the superior santal, seduced by pure musk, and groudned by hard-core Papuan oud oil. Borneo Zen attracts as much as it sparks joy in whoever smells... explore ››


    There was one particular sultan who forbade the sale of musk during his reign. When his son took over, he started distributing musk pods as gifts to his guests and loyal subjects. The guardian of the palace treasury, who’d also... explore ››


    A collision of Irian oud’s green cool and Mongolian Musk’s super earthy tenacity stirs on this tingling sensation in your gums—a tangible titillation that makes it more than just a smell. But, just when you’ve taken a fresh spritz, all of the... explore ››


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