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    Artisanal oud attars, composed of the finest aromatics exclusive to Ensar Oud.  

    The composition that accompanies the musk is… sweet. Not candy sweet or fruity. Fossilized amber sweet. Blackcurrant laced with medicinal Hojari frankincense and lavender sweet. A composition to complement the... explore ››


    Artisanal Oud Attar
    Unlike working with synthetic ingredients, the interplay of natural aromatics coming together takes time to happen, profiles change, develop in unforeseen ways. One slip of the pipette and it's back to the drawing board—or the... explore ››


    Every supporting ingredient — from the aged artisanal ouds to the vintage santal (twenty-nine years vintage), and the Sultan’s own rose — is better than turns this rendition into an exquisite revival of the very first Sultan Rose Attar, and ... explore ››


    I didn’t want to temper down the sensual quality of previous cuir colognes – vintage leather jacket, tobacco chewing heart notes… the sultry allure has always defined cuir perfumes, and that’s why you’ll find bohemian artists and... explore ››


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