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    Wild Oud

    Ensar’s OCD drives distillers mad. His vision turned a timeless tradition into an artisanal culture.


    Be part of the story.

    At our last Dubai OudFest, I heated some Vietnam Kinam for one of our guests (who happens to be Chinese) who reminisced about a previous Kodo ceremony with kinam in Tokyo. She held up the heater close to her nose... explore ››


    100% Concentrate Edition
    Pure Artisanal Oud
    That’s what you’ve got here. American Oud, stripped of its spray cap. No alcohol, and…… that’s it. A smell that brings to life Hemingway’s bullfighting, marlin-chasing madness and reminds you of the sweaty Strauss days of... explore ››


    Jungle: Cambodia
    Distilled: 2018
    A delicate arrangement of fruit (softly jammy to remind you that you’re smelling a juice Cambodi), yet dominated by the ethereal cloud of oud incense. Soft, pristine — clear. Because of the caliber of the agarwood used and how it got ... explore ››


    There aren’t many old Sri Lankan ouds around. If you own a bottle of Sri Lankan oud (and still have some left!), you’d smell hints of what aging does to the fragrance. Freshly collected, the Sri Lankan profile can be quite erratic. Sharp... explore ››


    Jungle: Malinau
    Distilled: 2015
    I’ve been aging this batch a few years now. I never planned this release, considering it was his last distillation. When it comes to a smell like this, and an oil so replete with personal history and nostalgia, the ego gets greedy... explore ››


    Jungle: Laos
    Distilled: 2017
    Scent-wise, Wang Liao Kuo is the equivalent of low-temp, kodo-style heating and listening to Hoi An chen xiang, the most prized Indochinese agarwood profile…… It amps up the ceremony with rich peppery chords atop this narcotic... explore ››


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