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    Rare & Exquisite Vetiver Oils

    Origin: Reunion Island
    Different kinds of vetiver can be fantastically unique and the scent itself can be rich like a triple layer cheesecake, but scent progression isn’t a strong feature of khus — just like it isn’t in practically all aromatics except... explore ››


    Origin: El Salvadore
    About a quarter of spray perfumes contain vetiver because its green nighttime cool makes it so refreshing. Of course, these often contain isolates, not pure full-spectrum vetiver—here, you get the full blast of khus. A tobacco-esque leaf ... explore ››


    Origin: India
    You might be as allergic to mainstream synthetic perfumes as I am, but I think you’ll agree that the vetiver-centered ones smell … ok. Sometimes, quite bearable. Now and then, quite nice. That’s because the... explore ››


    Origin: Madagascar
    You’ll discover that it’s quite a challenge to find even fresh Madagascar distillation, not to mention aged oils. But you don’t have to look any further. This distillation has been in my personal arsenal for many years and... explore ››


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