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    Sultan Series

    These are among the most expensive distillations ever conducted. Our empty wallets and broken backs came to personify the Sultan Series: Extractions of über rare incense and sinking-grade agarwood collected from jungles across the Far East.

    Jungle: Sumbawa | New Guinea
    Distilled: 2017
    These are the same New Guinea shavings that went into Sultan Murad and Sultan Fatih – the very last of them. The aroma captures every bit the caliber of the early Sultans, packing the same tenacity and silage. But this time... explore ››


    Jungle: New Guinea | Malaysia
    Aged: 5 Years (2014)
    Sultan Süleyman is a milestone in pure oud distillation and modern perfumery. When Ernest Beaux set out to create Chanel No 5 he looked beyond the norm of single profile scents. He wasn't out to capture the essence of rose or jasmine anymore... explore ››


    Jungles: New Guinea | Brunei
    Aged: 4 Years (2014)
    The physical lengths we went through to make Sultan Mustafa isn’t something anybody just does to make a bottle of ‘affordable’ oud. The fatigue and disregard for counting pennies and pounds only hits you afterward when you see your... explore ››


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