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    Ensar Oud

    Sultan Series

    These are the most expensive distillations ever conducted. Our empty wallets and broken backs came to personify the Sultan Series: Extractions of über rare incense and sinking-grade agarwood collected from jungles across the Far East.

    Oud Royale

    Jungle: Sri Lanka
    Distilled: 2017
    After literally moving to Sri Lanka and living by the distillery for three months, our mission would be anything but complete if we couldn't get you the absolute best pricing in the world on the absolute best raw materials Sri Lanka had to offer... explore ››

    Sultan Abdüs Selam

    Jungle: Sumba | New Guinea
    Distilled: 2016
    If only we had more materials to work with, I’d be distilling New Guinea-Sumbas non-stop. The scent is just so delectably perfumey – I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s even more accessible than Oud Yusuf, and just as floral – without losing its oudy zing one iota... explore ››

    Assamugo Senkoh

    Jungle: Assam-China Border
    Distilled: 2017
    If ‘old-school’ is your thing, you’re in the wrong place. We’ve got fantastic old-school ouds on offer, but Assamugo Senkoh is not one of them. That doesn’t mean it lacks even a splinter of the primordial pull you find in... explore ››
    $830 $659

    Sultan Ahmet

    Jungles: New Guinea | Brunei
    Distilled: 2014
    The physical lengths we went through to make Sultan Ahmet isn’t something anybody just does to make a bottle of ‘affordable’ oud. The fatigue and disregard for counting pennies and pounds only hits you afterward when you see your greying hair and... explore ››