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    Ensar Oud

    Sultan Series

    These are the most expensive distillations ever conducted. Personally flown in on more than 12 flights, driven cross-country for extraction that then took two months straight per batch. Our empty wallets and broken backs came to personify the Sultan Series: Extractions of über rare incense and sinking-grade agarwood collected from jungles across the Far East.

    Sultan Abdüs Selam

    Jungle: Sumba | New Guinea
    Distilled: 2016
    If only we had more materials to work with, I’d be distilling New Guinea-Sumbas non-stop. The scent is just so delectably perfumey – I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s even more accessible than Oud Yusuf, and just as floral – without losing its oudy zing one iota... explore ››

    Sultan Ahmet

    Jungles: New Guinea | Brunei
    Distilled: 2014
    The physical lengths we went through to make Sultan Ahmet isn’t something anybody just does to make a bottle of ‘affordable’ oud. The fatigue and disregard for counting pennies and pounds only hits you afterward when you see your greying hair and... explore ››