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    Ensar Oud

    Senkoh Series

    Senkoh: Addictiveness above and beyond normal agarwood oil; a quality that makes you crave more and more of the scent, repeat swipes and incessant inhalations of the spot it was swiped on.


    Jungle: Cambodia
    Distillation: 2018
    The aroma of Zazen is strikingly bitter, astringent with an almost Vietnamese vibe to it, with notes of condensed milk that bring to mind a raw agarwood branch stripped bare of the skin. The wet, raw agarwood flesh is reminiscent of Sinensis hues that some might even mistake for Kyara... explore ››

    Assamugo Senkoh

    Jungle: Assam-China Border
    Distilled: 2017
    If ‘old-school’ is your thing, you’re in the wrong place. We’ve got fantastic old-school ouds on offer, but Assamugo Senkoh is not one of them. That doesn’t mean it lacks even a splinter of the primordial pull you find in... explore ››
    $830 $659