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    Vintage Sandalwood Oils & Granules

    Vintage African Sandalwood
    Rare raw Tanzanian sandalwood shavings, strips, beads, half beads, uncarved imamas, and slices spat back by the cutting blade, these are the unused carving pieces that went into making our Tanzanian Santal Tasbih.... explore ››


    I don’t know any incense company who would press this caliber sandalwood even in their premium incense sticks. You need loads of sandalwood to make incense, and sinking Mysore from five decades ago is… rare. And you can’t do such a... explore ››


    Vintage Mysore Sandalwood
    Then I saw that I’m not the only one in a polygamous olfactory love affair. I’ve stopped counting the recent emails asking if I’m selling any of my sandalwood oil. I wasn’t. But those of you who know me, know what really triggered my move to... explore ››


    Vintage Kupang Sandalwood Oil
    Here's a vintage oldie that will tease and teach you, calm you right down and save you time meditating as it’ll get you zoned in (or out) faster, and more focused in that space. I use copious amounts of various sandalwood oils in... explore ››


    Aged: 5 Years (2013)
    I won’t blame you for thinking you’re smelling a musk tincture. Or an ambergris concoction. The fragrance is so ALIVE it sends any other scent you’ve got on you to the back seat. For sandalwood oil, that’s an impossibility! Yet that’s exactly what... explore ››


    Artisanal Sandalwood Oil
    In such an unprecedented trio, the lovely jasmine/rose notes in pure Tanzanian sandal get even sweeter, and the mellow animalic profile of rare aged Aceh santal amazingly turns to citrus peel (especially when you wear it outside), in a... explore ››


    The attention to detail in an Ottoman tasbih is unmatched, and the artistry in design far beyond what any other culture has produced. And the craftsmanship, the precision of the carving itself is way ahead of the... explore ››


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