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    Vintage Sandalwood Oils & Granules

    Vintage Mysore Sandalwood Oil
    What I’ve got here is a tin can of sandalwood oil that looks old and rusty. It was issued by the Indian Government back in the early 1980s (circa 1984 according to my source), and contains an oil that is ultra pale, almost perfectly transparent, which smells like just ... explore ››


    Aged: 5 Years (2013)
    I won’t blame you for thinking you’re smelling a musk tincture. Or an ambergris concoction. The fragrance is so ALIVE it sends any other scent you’ve got on you to the back seat. For sandalwood oil, that’s an impossibility! Yet that’s exactly what... explore ››


    Aged: 13 years (2005)
    People are starting to realize that good vintage sandalwood is really off the map, just like wild Pusong agarwood – or the centennial crassnas of Nha Trang – and that many of the vintage ‘Mysores’ on the market aren’t even... explore ››


    Vintage Mysore Sandalwood
    Then I saw that I’m not the only one in a polygamous olfactory love affair. I’ve stopped counting the recent emails asking if I’m selling any of my sandalwood oil. I wasn’t. But those of you who know me, know what really triggered my move to make my santal stash ... explore ››


    Antique Tanzanian Sandal
    Each piece is so ambient, you can actually smell the heart of Santal Sultan straight up. When heated… scrumptious cedar spice that literally makes you want to lick the hotplate. A sweetness that’s more thick yellow buttery than the white creamy notes of the... explore ››


    These are some of the rarest sandalwood scents you’ll ever lay your nostrils on. Raw, 40 year-old Mysore granules, Tanzanian heartwood distilled in Taiwan back in 1999, an actual vintage Mysore extract from 1984! And more... explore ››


    Vintage Tonga Santal
    These logs are almost archeological in their significance to a sandalwood fiend. Distilling them into oil would be sacrilegious. Carving them into beads, criminal. They ought to be kept and cherished for generations as a natural wonder never to be seen again... explore ››


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