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    Discover a whole new world of olfactory wonder. The rarest aromatics in the world, infused with artisanal oud oil.

    This is niche perfumery taken to a very different level.

    There was one particular sultan who forbade the sale of musk during his reign. When his son took over, he started distributing musk pods as gifts to his guests and loyal subjects. The guardian of the palace treasury, who’d also... explore ››


    It’ll come as a shock to some. And that’s kinda the point. To wake up the sleeping dragon from a slumber induced by repeated injections of synthetic muscs and fixateurs over how many decades now. To let you taste a... explore ››


    Oud Parfum
    Inspired by the oud attar Black Changho (sold out), EO Black doesn’t smell of ash or burnt-black gum. Instead, walls of resinous incense waft around you courtesy of artisanal Papuan oud steeped in vintage Timor sandalwood, finished... explore ››


    Oud Parfum
    This oud parfum is my humble rendition of those timeless fragrances so pheromonal you feel that sultry musc a la musc carnal lick-your-lips primacy, just as you felt it for the first time at your sweet sixteen. When you felt it again, but... explore ››


    Homeros gives you front row seats to a landmark moment in perfume history. First editions are one thing. Vintage legends are another. Folks who collect early Guerlains often do so as much out of a longing for a... explore ››


    Discover the magic of the world’s most sought after and exquisite aromatics, bottled, and sprayed to spread the love. Tantalizing green, jazzy tobacco incense, and deep noir Maroke, enjoy an olfactory trio of ... reminisce ››

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