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    Oud Wood

    Wild agarwood offers the sublimest incense experience.

    Harvested from the final frontiers of wild agarwood, these chips are soon to be a thing of the past.

    Vintage Papuan Agarwood
    This collection is partially sinking-grade. But, you might know my opinion about sinking-grade: When it comes to carving agarwood, sinking matters, but if the fact that the chips sink in water doesn’t make them smell better, it doesn’t mean... reminisce ››

    Final Bottle Sold

    Exquisite Organic Oud Wood
    When it comes to resin, some say it’s all about the age of the tree, while some believe what matters is the age of the infection. Both are wrong. In nature, things develop symbiotically. The best oud = age of the tree and ... explore ››


    Premium New Guinea Gyrinops
    You might have come across West Papuan (Indonesian) oud chips before, but you won’t hear much about chips like these exclusively from New Guinea. And it’s fascinating to see the way they break the more monotonous profiles of ... explore ››


    Olde Sumatran Agarwood
    Buying agarwood is like buying currency. You never lose if you invest in a solid, strong monetary instrument. And natural resin, carefully selected for olfactory integrity, free of ‘make up’ and ‘mock up’ which is standard fare with... explore ››


    Ceram agarwood is a rarity, but carving-grade Ceram ‘cigars’ from twenty-two years ago are practically non-existent. That’s why you won’t find anything to compare this to. And that’s why we... explore ››


    Legend has it that the whole “Brunei Kinam” story is a marketing ploy invented by the Chinese when they ran out of Vietnamese Kyara. To me, it makes little difference who invented the story. I can spend the rest of my days heating Brunei Kinam... explore ››


    Vietnamese Red Kinam
    Because there’s so much buzz about kinam and so many haven’t had the chance (or the funds) to experience it, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to own your own stash of authentic Vietnamese kinam. The Japanese... explore ››


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