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    Oud Wood

    Wild agarwood offers the sublimest incense experience.

    Harvested from the final frontiers of wild agarwood, these chips are soon to be a thing of the past.

    Rare High-Mountain Agarwood
    I know some folks prefer smaller, thinner oud chips to larger ones. Of course, with less resinated pieces, smaller oud chips can actually be worse because the heat punctures the entire chip immediately straight through. So, unless... explore ››


    Premium Filipino Agarwood
    Some batches are cherry-dry like Kalimantan, some with a spicy Cambodi warmth, or red varieties of sinensis, while some parade wafts of curry stew I haven’t smelled before. Then there’s the scent that’s unique to... explore ››


    Sinking Irian Agarwood
    To them, it’s a status symbol, an epicurean indulgence. They light up and within a minute everyone else gets hit by the narcotic scent of sinking-grade gyrinops from Papua; that unmistakable deep menthol green incense aroma... explore ››


    Sinking Adam's Peak
    You can imagine what a nightmare dealing with these issues are when it comes to distilling oud oil. But you’ve probably seen the same story when buying Sri Lankan oud chips and are lead to believe it’s a good deal. So, how to get around all these... explore ››


    Vintage Sinking-Grade Agarwood
    ‘Sinking’ agarwood isn’t just about the complexity of the aroma. Solid, sinking chunks that clink like coins against each other means you get a prolonged burning session. And in the case of Royal Maluku… copious amounts of... explore ››


    These strips are fully resinated back and front, so much so that they sink in water due to the heavy resin content (i.e. ‘sinking-grade’). You don’t need to aim for the top layer trying to choose the best bit to shave off. This batch was specially... explore ››


    I’ve found that many people think most oud wood kind of smells the same. Or, at least, the different regions’ woods don’t have the... explore ››


    Anyone who keeps their eye on kyara prices would have noticed how the big Japanese houses have dramatically jacked up the price of kyara within these past two years. For such established and reputable companies to do this is very telling.... explore ››


    Sinking Philippines Agarwood
    If you have any Filipino oud chips, I’m sure you know that now is not the time to sell any. Now’s the time to keep them. Just as you’d expect, we’ve seen oud prices skyrocket across the Philippines within the past two... explore ››


    These incense sticks are made from Vietnamese kyara (10%) admixed with wild Vietnamese soil agarwood. Each roll includes a classy African blackwood incense holder that showcases the vapor wafting as it sets your olfaction into overdrive... explore ››


    Legend has it that the whole “Brunei Kinam” story is a marketing ploy invented by the Chinese when they ran out of Vietnamese Kyara. To me, it makes little difference who invented the story. I can spend the rest of my days heating Brunei Kinam... explore ››


    Pure Cambodian Agarwood Resin
    Extracted 2017
    Perfumers are going to rejoice, and the entire oud-loving world will mark this as a definitive turning point in our understanding of the true nature of agarwood. And oud. And ‘oudiness.’ And, of course, Resin. Let’s face it, to... explore ››


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