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    Oud Wood

    Wild agarwood offers the sublimest incense experience.

    Harvested from the final frontiers of wild agarwood, these chips are soon to be a thing of the past.

    Wild Vietnamese Agarwood
    Nha Trang is to oud lovers what Dayuling is to tea connoisseurs. It's the jungles that grew kinam, and the aloes behind the likes of Kinam Rouge and Royal Guallam. As we live through the commercialialization of agarwood, where you can ... explore ››


    Rare New Guinea Agarwood
    The myth that black = best is especially held as dogma in many distillation circles. The same folks who adhere to this mistaken belief are quick to judge wood I’ve used in distillation, screaming how other use ‘blacker’ wood. The difference... explore ››


    Legend has it that the whole “Brunei Kinam” story is a marketing ploy invented by the Chinese when they ran out of Vietnamese Kyara. To me, it makes little difference who invented the story. I can spend the rest of my days heating Brunei Kinam... explore ››


    Vietnamese Red Kinam
    Because there’s so much buzz about kinam and so many haven’t had the chance (or the funds) to experience it, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to own your own stash of authentic Vietnamese kinam. The Japanese... explore ››


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