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    Oud Wood

    Wild agarwood offers the sublimest incense experience.

    Harvested from the final frontiers of wild agarwood, these chips are soon to be a thing of the past.

    Sinking-Grade Laos Agarwood
    I recommend you keep at least one piece, not just for posterity’s sake, but to own a reference — I’ve got a feeling things will get pretty interesting in the oud world in coming years. Having quality wood (and oil) on hand to navigate the... explore ››


    Vintage Sinking-Grade Agarwood
    ‘Sinking’ agarwood isn’t just about the complexity of the aroma. Solid, sinking chunks that clink like coins against each other means you get a prolonged burning session. And in the case of Royal Maluku… copious amounts of... explore ››


    These strips are fully resinated back and front, so much so that they sink in water due to the heavy resin content (i.e. ‘sinking-grade’). You don’t need to aim for the top layer trying to choose the best bit to shave off. This batch was specially... explore ››


    Premium New Guinea Gyrinops
    You might have come across West Papuan (Indonesian) oud chips before, but you won’t hear much about chips like these exclusively from New Guinea. And it’s fascinating to see the way they break the more monotonous profiles of ... explore ››


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