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    Ensar Oud

    Oud Perfumes

    With Ensar Oud, know that you're wearing 100% natural perfumes, free of toxic chemicals, synthetic fixatives, and other deadly petrochemicals that are the scourge of the modern world. Transport to a realm of pure unadulterated natural beauty and wonder. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to nature.

    Blue Kalbar is beautiful. And when you let it, the fragrance will reveal its enchanting pheromonal allure that makes an intimate moment even more so. Its inviting aroma makes you want to hug whoever's wearing it, and never let go ... explore ››
    If every new Ward al Taifi that comes out is just too rosy for you, here’s to roughing things up. Or if birch tar and citrus just isn’t your thing. When you crave a parfum’s organic allure without the candy-make-it-sweet-please additives, uncap your ... explore ››
    This combination of aged genuine musk and finely matured wild-harvested artisanal oud oil is not just rare, it's the only one of its kind. This fusion between two of the most sought after perfumery ingredients in the world, makes your knees buckle and your cheeks tingle ... explore ››
    The vintage, woodylicious, super creamy sandalwood alone is worth the pricetag.... Infused with exquisite beachcombed ambergris located in California in 2006, it makes for the most satisfying sandal-amber infusion you could possibly crave ... explore ››