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    Oud Parfum

    Discover a whole new world of olfactory wonder. The rarest aromatics in the world, infused with artisanal oud oil.

    This is niche perfumery taken to a very different level.

    Decadent, edgy, have-it-with-strong-cup-of-coffee. Instead of lemon and orange, think vetiver, hay and juniper berry, aged patchouli nd sandalwood. You won't pick up any citrus notes that try to tame the fragrance. Thai Tabac is all leaf and ... explore ››


    The Prophet loved the scent of rose. He loved the smell of aloes and taught his companions that oud is Prophetic medicine. It’s the reason oud and rose have danced together for decades and decades in a fragrant tradition stretching from ... explore ››


    Monsieur Oud took shape in my mind’s nez because of my infatuation with Walla Patta. The notes of frangipani and osmanthus and orange blossom and mimosa it naturally displays. Some will recall the days I would wear... explore ››


    This combination of aged genuine musk and finely matured wild-harvested artisanal oud oil is not just rare, it's the only one of its kind. This fusion between two of the most sought after perfumery ingredients in the world, makes your knees buckle and ... explore ››


    The vintage, woodylicious, super creamy sandalwood alone is worth the pricetag.... Infused with exquisite beachcombed ambergris located in California in 2006, it makes for the most satisfying sandal-amber infusion you could possibly crave ... explore ››


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