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    For many, Oud began with Oriscent. And for many, it ended there.
    These oils take you back to the Oriscent days, with never before released jewels that continue the tradition of the famed legends.

    Jungle: Malinau
    Distilled: 2017
    White Kinam is beautiful. A scent from the Oriscent days, re-interpreted. We literally tracked down the same grade agarwood from yesteryear, chips and chunks still intact, and ground it to dust… in Taiwan, distilled at the hands of the... explore ››


    Jungle: Vietnam
    Aged: 6 Years (2012)
    We can’t go back in time four years or deflate the astronomical costs of wild Vietnamese agarwood. We can’t un-string the $50,000 bangles, un-carve the miniatures, or revive the jungles and plant back the centennial trees. It takes... explore ››


    During our 2017 KinamFest, we did a blind test. We gave our guests a Japanese kyara pellet to chew on. With their gums and tongues numb, I asked them to savor the taste of the kyara, to breath it in and let the menthol cool run... explore ››


    Cambodia’s got Koh Kong and Laos has Pusong, but there’s no place in the oud world more cherished than Nha Trang. I don’t know of oud more sought-after than oud from this small coastal strip renowned for dishing up the... explore ››


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