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    Organic Oud

    Each of these organic agarwood oils was custom distilled – meticulously, obsessively – according to Ensar’s crazy standards.

    Before you’ve even had a chance to let the oil touch your skin, you’ll already know that this is no ordinary Cambodi — flip over the bottle and you’ll see what I mean. Herbaceous, yes. Fruity, you bet. But don’t think... explore ››


    Cultivation: Thailand
    Distilled: 2018
    Oud Yaqoub is both a tribute and an upgrade to Oud Yusuf’s legacy. It represents every distiller’s dream, and every oud lover’s delight. It’s a pleasure to wear, addictive to dig into, and one of those oils you don’t want to let your nose get... explore ››


    The pristine resinous core doused in accessory notes of wildflowers. A departure from the typical apricot, peachy profiles of Indochinese ouds, Zaza Zen accentuates a soft green mintiness (think Japanese Sencha), adorned with... explore ››


    Oud Ehab is a co-distill that joins two kinds of wild gyrinops (New Guinea and Sri Lankan walla patta) to capture the oud’s aquamarine cool, and two breeds of crassna: one that rounds off the aroma with a green guava-fruity glaze, while... explore ››


    Jungle: Cambodia
    Year: 2018
    Aroha Kush wafts with a rich entourage of accessory notes oozing with tamarind hedged around a soft-peppery heart that’s half sencha, half sandalwood cream. This makes the fragrance a joy to wear and explore, flowing with... explore ››


    Cultivation: Cambodia / Thailand
    Year: 2018
    Never tried oud before? This should be your first bottle. Kusuma takes you from the overly sweet mainstream to the fruity niche. It shows you what oud is all about without throwing you into the deep end. You don’t have to... explore ››


    Like you might have discovered with fine Sri Lankan ouds, there’s a tranquility to the aroma that makes it, for lack of a better expression… comforting. In aromatherapy terms, a soothing lavender-like effect that... explore ››


    Cultivation: Rayong
    Distilled: 2018
    Oud Extraordinaire is a one-in-a-thousand bottle of oud. It’s what all oud wants to be—organic and wild—but doesn't put in the time to become. The maturity of the fruitiness, the depth of the woody-incense backdrop... explore ››


    Imagine jade forged into an emerald. Green ‘ala green, with a cyanic oceanic incense tinge that no species of agarwood gives you on its own and no amount of tweaking can churn out. Through all my years in the oud world, I can’t... explore ››


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