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    Ensar Oud

    Olde Oud

    ‘I cannot thank you and your team enough for making this oil available to me – I absolutely love it. Over the past year, I have developed a strong bias for old, old Oud, and EO is the only place on God’s green Earth where I can purchase some.’ – Philip, France

    Sultani 1990

    Jungle: Maroke
    Aged: 28 Years (1990)
    Even the China Market capos know the notes of my oils, and they refer to it as the ‘Sultani tone’. If a piece of wood has the scent characteristics of Oud Royale 1, they immediately jack up the price, saying ‘This one has the Sultani tone’... explore ››

    Tigerwood 1995

    Jungle: Malaysia
    Aged: 20+ years
    For over twenty years, this oil has quietly beautified, deepened and bedazzled itself into what you have here: a scent that no modern distillation can capture. Oud that no amount of treating or techniqueing can bring to life. Bring me a bag of... explore ››

    Hainan 2005

    Jungle: Hainan
    Aged: 13 Years (2005)
    Notes of ambergris, sweet mahogany and deer musk hurl the scent into a pheromonal olfactory zenith that’s as primordial as the Himalayas, with strong longevity even in humid weather, and a soulstirring kinam drydown that evokes the most... explore ››

    Tigerwood Royale

    Jungle: Malaysia
    Aged: 17 Years (2001)
    The quality of the wood and the sheer age of the oil makes it literally impossible to reproduce. And Royal rulers who have long-standing ties with the people who own such olfactory relics are among the few who’ll ever get the... explore ››

    Yunnan Exclusive

    Jungle: Yunnan | Hainan
    Aged: 13 years (2005)
    Here’s oud that’s got more cojones than the heartiest Hindi. A sensuous tobacco-leaf sweetness only the oldest Laotians can match. A scent profile that drives an entire subculture of collectors – leads an entire market of millionaires that invest exclusively in... explore ››