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    Oud Legends

    The oils listed here were the LTDs of yesterday.
    Join me on a journey down memory lane...

    Jungle: Malinau
    Aged: 13 years (2005)
    Borneo 50K doesn't smell like Kyara. It's not supposed to. Instead, 50K is sweet like Borneo 3000, celestial like Borneo 4000. Since you want to enrich your collection a thousand-fold, know that this is vintage Oud at its finest ... explore ››


    Jungle: Vietnam
    Aged: 4 Years (2014)
    I know of only two recent attempts at distilling Vietnamese oud. Both batches commanded $1,500 - $2,000 / 3 gr, and both yields were minuscule (I don’t need to tell you that wild incense-grade Vietnamese agarwood is rare and expensive)... explore ››


    Jungle: Kelantan
    Aged: 17 Years (2001)
    Were we to redistill sinking-grade Kelantan wood today, the price of a bottle would be no less than $10,000. And that’s without a decade and a half worth of aging! But we didn’t have to dish out $30-50,000 / kg for the raw materials like we’d have to today (as if people have... explore ››


    Jungles: New Guinea | Brunei
    Aged: 4 Years (2014)
    The physical lengths we went through to make Sultan Ahmet isn’t something anybody just does to make a bottle of ‘affordable’ oud. The fatigue and disregard for counting pennies and pounds only hits you afterward when you see your greying hair and... explore ››


    Here you’ve got the chance to turn back the clock and add a number of legendary oud profiles to your palette. Oud that can otherwise only be found from private collectors who – let’s face it – have every right to be a bit reluctant about handing out free swipes... explore ››


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