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    Gong Xi

    Chinese New Year Exclusive

    Jungle: Sumatra
    Distilled: 2020
    This piquant bourbon aroma cloaked in a purple incense heart note, infused with a tropical tuberose-lotus warmth, vanilla essence laced with mint, pulls your nose back time and again. A syrupy styrax sweetness moistened by... explore ››


    Reddened by a touch of saffron to bolden the rose, and orange blossom to add depth to the mandarin, you’ll enjoy much more than a mere splash of orange peel, as mandarin lush with its supporting cast are honed by... explore ››


    Jungle: Hainan
    Aged: 3 Years (2018)
    I’ve distilled my share of oil, and from all of them I’ve smelled, I haven’t come across a scent that so truly, so exactly captures the scent of the distillery itself. More than the juicy air around the pots, it’s the scent of grinding fine wood. If you’ve... explore ››


    During our 2017 KinamFest, we did a blind test. We gave our guests a Japanese kyara pellet to chew on. With their gums and tongues numb, I asked them to savor the taste of the kyara, to... explore ››


    The scent of kinam leaves anyone at a loss for words. That’s why even the most meticulous descriptions (antique and modern) are useless if you’ve never actually smelled true kyara. And once you have… descriptions mean as... explore ››


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