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    Beatiful floral extracts:
    100% Natural
    100% Concentrate

    Everybody who has smelled frangipani oil neat knows why it’s considered romantic. It’s beautiful, sensual, and playful. Rich in character, almost tangibly seductive with its slightly viscous texture. No wonder frangipani’s heady, alluring aroma is a... explore ››


    Among the quintessential white flowers used in perfumery, tuberose is also among the rarest (if not THE rarest) and most expensive. Costly florals like this that are used in the mainstream perfume is largely synthetic because of the... reminisce ››

    Final Bottle Sold

    It takes tons of flowers to distill a single kilo of blue lotus oil and the entire world of perfumery has to steal base to get their hands on the best harvests. The rarity, combined with the high expense of distillation makes it a very costly ... explore ››


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