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    Discover a whole new world of olfactory wonder. The rarest aromatics in the world, infused with artisanal oud oil.

    This is niche perfumery taken to a very different level.

    This set saves you from choosing which one your friend or significant other may like most, and is a fantastic intro to the world of niche perfumery for anyone who needs a little push in a more fragrant direction. If not a... explore ››


    Parfum Edition
    This is not a waltzing-down-the-Arabian-souq scent. It wasn't inspired by spices and bukhoor. This is a New Yorker's take on the Hashemite twilight that has beckoned his return year after year. The honeysuckle you smell on the way to the... explore ››


    Not only is this the highest quality oud fragrance that has ever been produced in spray-format, the entire composition is infused into a high-concentration, genuine raw ambergris tincture instead of just plain ethanol. Similar tinctures of this... explore ››


    Before it became a commercial (synthetic) staple, the sensual funk of this tiny pod had baffled and bewildered perfumers for centuries. They toyed and tried, and eventually mastered exalting trait of musk. And that’s when... explore ››


    You’ve smelled it. The emptiness, the lack of something or another. That olfactory crave akin to the want for oysters or full-fat gravy. You want a proper farmer’s breakfast, but get ziplocked food juice to go... explore ››


    Perfume doesn’t excite us anymore. It hasn’t for decades. Donning a perfume means little more than brushing your teeth, as you go psss-psss and walk through the mist once your tie is tied. A pheromonal spritz that lets... explore ››


    Parfum Edition
    The true pulse of Monsieur Oud’s foundation beats loud and clear with wild Sri Lankan aloes. Featuring a duo of the mintiest, greenest Walla Pattas I’ve distilled to date, paired with the incense-grade shavings bubbling on a... explore ››


    Parfum Edition
    Decadent, edgy, have-it-with-strong-cup-of-coffee. Instead of lemon and orange, think vetiver, hay and juniper berry, aged patchouli and sandalwood. You won't pick up any citrus notes that try to tame the fragrance. Thai Tabac is all leaf and ... explore ››


    Discover the magic of the world’s most sought after and exquisite aromatics, bottled, and sprayed to spread the love. Order the set and on top of the extra discount, you’ll also receive free DHL Express shipping and two free... explore ››


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