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    EO Essentials

    Precious florals.

    Like with other precious florals, it takes a truckload of flowers to extract only a tiny amount of absolute. Despite the cost and rarity, perfumers fall over themselves to obtain orange blossom. It’s the cornerstone of many... explore ››


    Once you’re familiar with civet, you’d pick it out as easy as rose in a perfume. Having this reference exposes many perfumes—and many perfumers—who try to get away with barebones compositions where they let... explore ››


    Being totally unique is one thing. But when an oud man embarks on a jasmine distillation, it’s all about the depth and penetrating soul of the aroma; to create an unparalleled jasmine that's tasty as honey, lush like the... explore ››


    One thing you’ll learn about essential oils, from flowers, roots, leaves, or otherwise, is that many of the most frequently used, and most sought-after oils, share certain traits: they calm the nerves, relax the mind, and make things more exciting in... explore ››


    Hojari Frankincense Oil
    A go-to ingredient for top Japanese incense companies, who use it as a top note in even their agarwood incenses. Its sweet citrus aroma works wonders when paired with more robust aromas like agarwood, or the... explore ››


    The way vetiver interacts with testosterone and estrogen explains how it helps relaxation, sex drive, and even menstrual cramps. How it’s both a cicatrisant and anti-septic explains why it helps repair... explore ››


    Frankincense for Perfumers
    This fragrance is devotional. It’s no wonder frankincense can be found in sacred places of every description around the world. Even in its name “Franc Encens” (pure, exquisite incense) you get a whiff of the ethereal. In all my... explore ››


    Many will prefer to stay in La-la land to enjoy a spray of laundry detergent, posing as perfume. But if you’re ready to experience the real material, your olfactory journey will become so much richer. Your senses will become honed and... explore ››


    Medicinal B. Sacra Oil
    Using this in perfumery would be irresponsible and it is reserved only for aromatherapy and healing purposes. I drink drops of it in cold water personally, to clean the mouth and digestive tract and benefit from its... explore ››


    Different kinds of vetiver can be fantastically unique and the scent itself can be rich like a triple layer cheesecake, but scent progression isn’t a strong feature of khus — just like it isn’t in practically all aromatics except... explore ››


    Premium Frankincense Oil
    Frankincense is traditionally linked to many more health benefits, but the claims have not been properly proven, or the studies are not conclusive. Of course, that doesn’t mean those benefits don’t exist. What's clear is that... explore ››


    Medicinal Frankincense Oil
    The recent research confirming the anti-tumor properties of boswellic acid and other compounds in frankincense only attests to the benefits of this blessed oil known to healers for millennia. Intended for internal and... explore ››


    Hojari Frankincense Resin
    Frankincense, when chewed, turns soft and sticky, like bubble gum, and gives off its orange-lime taste throughout, all while you reap its health benefits. The sheer plethora of healing and psychoactive effects packed into... explore ››


    Frankincense Water
    Jump all in and round off your frankincense experience completely, compliment your frankincense kit with the health benefits of resin, oil, and healing water. We distilled the highest grade frankincense resin possible, and... explore ››


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