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    The most renowned collection of Borneo oud oils in the world.

    Perfumers are going to rejoice, and the entire oud-loving world will mark this as a definitive turning point in our understanding of the true nature of agarwood. Let’s face it, to date, all we’ve talked about when... explore ››


    Jungle: Kalimantan
    Aged: 3 Years (2017)
    Sultan Mehmet goes out to the genuine oud lovers who have been around the block a few times and already take everything I’ve just said for granted — because you are the ones searching for oud like this, having exhausted all... explore ››


    Jungle: Brunei
    Aged: 13 Years (2007)
    Unlike inert resin contained in oud wood, distilled oud oil has the ability to mature and age and attain a depth surpassing the scent of lifeless chips. That is the beauty of artisanal distillation. In this little bottle, we have captured the very ... explore ››


    Jungle: Malinau
    Aged: 15 years (2005)
    Borneo 50K doesn't smell like Kyara. It's not supposed to. Instead, 50K is sweet like Borneo 3000, celestial like Borneo 4000. Since you want to enrich your collection a thousand-fold, know that this is vintage Oud at its finest ... explore ››


    Jungle: Malinau
    Aged: 4 Years (2016)
    White Kinam is beautiful. A scent from the Oriscent days, re-interpreted. We literally tracked down the same grade agarwood from yesteryear, chips and chunks still intact, and ground it to dust… in Taiwan, distilled at the hands of the... explore ››


    Jungle: Brunei
    Aged: 11 Years (2009)
    A continuous medley of orris, wild fig, blackcurrant, persimmon, and the softest powderiness spontaneously drives the fragrance, adrift a wave of resinous Indonesian incense, with a hypnotic pull calling from behind the smoke ... explore ››


    Jungle: Brunei
    Aged: 13 Years (2007)
    Any traditional Kodo practitioner reading this would be frowning at this point. That’s okay. I should actually include some sort of disclaimer right about here that I do not subscribe to the Japanese school of... explore ››


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