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    Artisanal oud attars, composed of the finest aromatics exclusive to Ensar Oud.  

    Vietnamese Oud Attar
    Nha Trang Attar is one of the most expensive attars we’ve showcased to date. Some got a sneak peak during Black Friday and LOVED it—and now practically demand its release. We couldn’t ignore the encouragement and praise, so here’s... explore ››


    Artisanal Oud Attar
    This combination of aged genuine musk and finely matured wild-harvested artisanal oud oil is not just rare, it's the only one of its kind. This fusion between two of the most sought after perfumery ingredients in the world, makes your knees buckle and ... reminisce ››

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    Artisanal Oud Attar
    You can smell Serge Lutons’ DNA, and that of Frederich Malle. They may not be as distinct (certainly more distinct than the universal DNA of commercial houses), but you can tell it’s the work of certain perfumers. You find an artist’s ... explore ››


    Artisanal Oud Attar
    Blue Kalbar is beautiful. And when you let it, the fragrance will reveal its enchanting pheromonal allure that makes an intimate moment even more so. Its inviting aroma makes you want to hug whoever's wearing it, and never let go ... explore ››


    Artisanal Oud Attar
    Unlike working with synthetic ingredients, the interplay of natural aromatics coming together takes time to happen, profiles change, develop in unforeseen ways. One slip of the pipette and it's back to the drawing board—or the... explore ››


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