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    Oud Legends

    Oud that’s been aged for sixteen years, twenty years… forty-five years.

    Try as you may, these are ouds you can’t distill again for love or money.

    The closest you could get to that smell today is from vintage Tigerwood distillations, but still—these came two decades later and are only approximations. Oud Sultani? Now we’re talking. Oud Sultani brought the same... explore ››


    Here you’ve got the chance to turn back the clock and add a number of legendary oud profiles to your palette. Oud that can otherwise only be found from private collectors who – let’s face it – have every right to be a bit reluctant about... explore ››


    Papua | Sri Lanka
    Aged: 4 years (2017)
    You’ve seen it. I’ve pulled Sri Lankan oils from the site in a frenzy overnight. That, while Far East distillers themselves beg me for any of them. And this must be the rarest of them all. Just the raw materials alone used to distill Maroke Ceylon have... explore ››


    Jungle: Vietnam
    Aged: 7 Years (2014)
    I know of only two recent attempts at distilling Vietnamese oud. Both batches commanded $1,500 - $2,000 / 3 gr, and both yields were minuscule (I don’t need to tell you that wild incense-grade Vietnamese agarwood is rare and expensive)... explore ››


    Jungle: Malinau
    Aged: 16 years (2005)
    Borneo 50K doesn't smell like Kyara. It's not supposed to. Instead, 50K is sweet like Borneo 3000, celestial like Borneo 4000. Since you want to enrich your collection a thousand-fold, know that this is vintage Oud at its finest ... explore ››


    Jungle: Pattani | New Guinea
    Distilled: 2017
    On my end, it’s a loss. You can’t put a price on Ertugrul Gazi. There’s only this one distillation; will ever only be this one. Based on the wood that got distilled alone, you’re getting Ertugrul Gazi for a fourth of its worth. But as you... explore ››


    Jungle: Malaysia
    Aged: 10 years (2011)
    We teamed up with the agarwood tycoons of Singapore and China and took the costliest Malaysian agarwood money could buy and prepared a cargo of the most fragrant wood ever to be gathered in Malaysia ... explore ››


    Jungle: Cambodia
    Aged: 44 Years (1976)
    There’s a third oil I’ve ‘inherited’ which means more to me than the other two. An oil that means more to me than green Kyara itself. An oil I haven’t told many people about simply because of the awesome humility it makes you feel to be... explore ››


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