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    Oud Legends

    The oils listed here were the LTDs of yesterday.
    Join me on a journey down memory lane...

    Jungle: Meghalaya
    Aged: 11 Years (2007)
    It musters herculean strength only to remain gentle and soft, radiating sunshine and sweet dried plums on the surface of his unfathomable depth. It boasts a milk chocolate smoothness laced with sumptuous tuberose, fig, toffee and delectable barn atop a soulstirring... explore ››


    Jungle: Borneo
    Aged: 12 years (2006)
    Imagine Port Moresby changed DNA and metamorphosed into a Borneo oil – while retaining all of its kinamiferous virtues. What do you think that would smell like? Kinamantan stands right next to the 4000; next to Kyara LTD... explore ››


    Jungle: Malinau
    Aged: 13 years (2005)
    Borneo 50K doesn't smell like Kyara. It's not supposed to. Instead, 50K is sweet like Borneo 3000, celestial like Borneo 4000. Since you want to enrich your collection a thousand-fold, know that this is vintage Oud at its finest ... explore ››


    Jungle: Vietnam / Laos
    Aged: 6 Years (2010)
    Heady, diffusive, and potent notes of pure Vietnamese agarwood (laced with a little something from Laos, for the extra kick) emanate from your skin as though you’d just sprayed a designer scent. You can tell this is a totally unique type of agarwood extract... explore ››


    Here you’ve got the chance to turn back the clock and add a number of legendary oud profiles to your palette. Oud that can otherwise only be found from private collectors who – let’s face it – have every right to be a bit reluctant about handing out free swipes... explore ››


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