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    Ensar Oud

    Oud Wood

    Wild agarwood offers the sublimest incense experience. Burning raw oud chips elevates the soul and calms the heart like no kneaded incense can. Harvested from the final frontiers of wild agarwood, these chips are soon to be a thing of the past. Invest in quality oud wood while it is still available and reap the rewards when aloeswood is no more.

    Port Moresby Basic

    Wild New Guinea Gyrinops
    Contemplate, meditate, ruminate, deliberate, whatever you want to call it... forget about doing any of it. Many oud chips help you ponder the yonder, but these Port Moresby chips take you a step further... explore ››

    Irian Zen

    Sinking Papuan Agarwood
    If you want to let spread some oud fumes while you kick back with a swipe of Sultan Sufyan, Irian Zen shows you where the Sultan Series gets its acclaim from, and why these strips are a must in any ouddict’s collection... explore ››

    Baram Red

    Wild Borneo Agarwood
    Much like the kyara scent can be traced to different pins on the map, Baram is a very specific note you'll pick up in different high-grade Malaysian and Indonesian batches of agarwood. I’ve even got chips from trees that grow along the... explore ››